Are you using Anytype with a lot of content/data?

I have a single object that take a lot of time to sync and create/delete bocks.
I don’t think it’s related to the amount of blocks inside the objects, since I have a couple of others similar where the slowness doesn’t occur.
It’s one of the first object I’ve ever created, with a lot of edits through time, so I think the long history of commits it’s slowing down the syncronization.

But for the rest of my experience I’m really satisfied

Interesting. If possible, would be useful to share that problematic object with the devs (not sure how) to see if they can get some insight from it (and hopefully avoid it happening again)

I think I have around 300-400 objects in my anytype. most of them has 15-20 lines worth of information, and around 20-30 of them are relatively long. all of my objects have its own custom icons uploaded by myself and under 10 images besides them. Lastly, nearly all of my objects are connected with each other as you can see having around 5-10 relations each.

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Its an impressive graph view but I wouldn’t consider 400 object large, specially with just 15-20 lines of information in each object. I would hope anytype doesn’t suffer performance. :wink:

Starting at 10.000 objects or more I would consider it large and it should still not suffer performance then (or even higher 15.000 or 50.000).

If I look at my intended usecase for Anytype (or other note taking apps) I use it for daily notes (365 notes/year), my collections (movies (1000+), games (1000), Lego (100), etc), inspiration boards (500), life organizing (250), inventory (1000), etc.
This will quickly ramp up to 5000+ objects within one or two years if Anytype would become my daily driver which at this moment it isn’t for obvious reasons being so early alpha. :slight_smile:

So I hope that Anytype does get tested in the 10.000 or even 100.000 objects and still hardly suffer any performance!

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Yeah, if I add up all my current systems (which I hope to one day transfer to only a single place - perhaps Anytype), my volume of data is similar.

I hate the idea of having multiple apps, one for each thing. I want all my tasks, calendar events, notes, projects, thoughts etc to be in the same place.

Many reasons for that, but some of the main ones are

  • I dread redundancy (same info in multiple places), especially when it leads to conflicting information
  • I want to be able to link/relate everything to whatever else
  • Avoid the cognitive load of jumping from one app to the next…

I know people say not to put all eggs in one basket, and I truly understand the advice (which makes me conflicted). But my desire to have everything together kind of overshadows anything else. To be honest, more and more I think I’m doing the wrong thing trying to integrate everything… I should just pick a set of apps/systems, and commit. :thinking:


Yeah you’re right. my database can’t be considered large by any means. I just wanted to report my own progress and usage. I too hope that Anytype doesn’t get bugged down over time.


I have about 3000 objects and I do experiencing very long syncing times on Android (on windows about 1,5h), minimal to rarely large delays when opening objects and delays when creating new objects or sets. The syncing time is the only major point i feel like should be improved urgently.

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