Archived pages are no longer opening

Describe the bug

After the update when we try to open any archived page it doesn’t open

To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

    1. Archive any page
    1. Go to archive tab
    1. Try to open that page

Expected behavior

When we click on archived page we should be able to open it to see the contents

System Information:

OS - Windows 10

Device - Dell Inspiron 7000

Anytype version - 0.20.1

Additional context


I thought this is the intended behavior since the archive is basically a deleted page so if one wants to edit it, they’ve to manually restore it and make the changes

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@lynxlove it could also be that the devs are background testing delete functionality or a part of it, as i remember archive pages used to open in the previous updates

@lynxlove exactly! We made it for reason.

We are going to release Bin instead of Archive, where objects can’t be opened and may be restored / removed forever.


@Tanzeel098 is it a problem for you?

@Vova Oh not a problem . It’s great idea of creating bin. Because there are definitely some notes we want to archive rather than delete completely altogether. Looking forward to the implementation.

@Vova I think it is or can be a slight problem. It would be great if you can open objects in the archive, just read only. Then you can open it, read is and check if this is the object you want to restore or not.

This is easier (and probably less system intensive) then restoring, opening and moving back to archive if it was the wrong object you restored.

I have a lot of simular (un)named objects in the archive and after a few days/weeks I have no idea what content is on those objects!

EDIT: Even in the Trash in Notion you can open pages (as well as restore them).

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This makes sense. It will be hard to find the page to restore if several pages has the same name.

There is this request for [locking a page](Lock page button). Implementing that should enable what you asked much easier to implement :grinning:

@Vova I think it would be better if Anytypee could keep archive and bin. Bin for deletion and archive for storing things and appearing on the search.

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@Jeroen Yeah agree with this . Archive pages should have ability to open . Since it would be two step process -> to restore and then see the content instead of just opening an archived page and getting the content we need.

@Tanzeel098 Your inital request is the same as this one here, right?

Would you mind me merging those two?

Closing this in favor of the linked one.

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