Anytype with an e-ink tablet

I don’t have a whole lot to say, except that I eagerly wait for the Android version of Anytype to adapt to landscape mode (shouldn’t be too difficult) and get handwriting recognition. I already know the latter won’t happen in 2023, and color e-ink technology is also still maturing, but I hope 2024 will finally be the time when everything finally works. I can easily see such a combo replacing most of the devices I use most of the time, and like to imagine it will help me become even more efficient and productive.


Definitely less distraction

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Work-around provided by @23jjl, maybe it will work for you as well @sofalakatino:

Seems like he’s struggling with the same issue: lack of landscape mode on Android. There are other missing features (pen support, API-integration with a read-it-later app, etc.) but landscape mode is critical.

Anytype+color e-ink is probably my dream setup, maybe in a year both will mature enough.