Anytype new/updated website shows awesome future features

I saw that the website has been updated recently(?) and it shows awesome features that are not yet in the Alpha.

The Team Space screenshot can be reproduced in the current Alpha. They are just links to pages/objects which appearance have been edited to look like nice small cards. Open the pop-up menu on the link and click on Appearance for those wondering.

The Personal Page screenshot can be reproduced in the current Alpha. It’s a human type page/object with the Layout set to Profile and Align center. Then relations are added to the page/object, though it seems the relation spacing might be smaller the in the current Alpha (perhals this can be adjusted in the future) and the Project added is a bookmark (I think)?

The Community Home screenshot shows something new and interesting; Events! These seem like an inline calender or card view showing a few relations in beautiful cards, hopefully filtered only on upcoming events with possible a 3 event limit that is shown.

The Read it later screenshot shows the new kanban view as a full page set (current alpha only has grid view for sets). It looks really clean!

The Task Management screenshot at first glance shows a simple list view for pages/object that have the Action layout. Though at closer inspection it seems to sort or group tasks on today, this week and next week which might be set up manualy or there might be some great task management features coming to Anytype! Excited!

The File Management screenshot shows a set with grid view, though it seems to be for files. I am not sure if this can already be reproduced in the current Alpha but I hope this is a great new take on files in Anytype and this set is an overview of all the files within your Anytype.

The Music Collection screenshot seems to show a new view for sets. Same with the File Management screenshot I am not sure if this can be reproduced in current Alpha or not…

The Contacts Manager screenshot also seems to show a new view for sets, cardview. Within it pages/objects with the Profile layout and a few relations visible in the cards.

All in all very cool screenshots of things hopefully coming realy soon to the Alpha. Maybe I missed a few features so feel free to share it if you spotted something new!


Oeps, this was supposed to go in General Discussion. Sorry! Hopefully an admin can move this post there. :wink:

This set is already available in the alpha. There is a type named Files for which you can create a set

Thanks for the post. I haven’t been able to keep up to date with AT as much as I’d like lately, so this was very helpful!

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I’ll be honest, i don’t like the website that much. Its better than the old one as it does not force-stop scrolling down (just once and one other time barely noticeable), but the Font looks awefull on my desktop computer. On Smartphone it looks good. They increased the font-size from yesterday to today, i think - its better now.

Additionally we are back to flash-times with a loading screen before i’m able to use a simple website. :smiley:

The moving-header looks like something from years ago as well.

I understand an upcoming app needs some analytics but as an app that is focusing on privacy - using google analytics? Really? would be a better choice, i’m using it. Its self-hosted.