Anytype as PKM

Hi Yura, this looks amazing and is what I would envision for a right sidebar.

Here is some of my feedback, many also been said by others in this topic.

  1. Have the ability to pin the right sidebar to always show it (same with the left sidebar).
  2. Customize the right sidebar with other things like backlinks, table of content, local graph, objects inside this page (like images and tasks), etc.
  3. The ability to add/remove types of blocks in the sidebar. For example, I don’t need to see author in my own notes since its always me.
  4. Expand/collapse blocks (like Adda also mentioned)

Btw, Is reading time a new relation or a manual one?


Thank you, everyone. It’s great to have such a prolific community around. Toggles and a pinned sidebar will be included in the first version, while the Table of Contents (ToC), statistics, and other features will be planned for the next iteration.

According to the relation reading time, it’s a concept in progress of relation view settings. As in this example, you can set a value for the Number relationship. For example, $, km, reading time, etc.


I discovered this app on Reddit as an offline alternative to Notion with similar features and a superior user interface. Since then, it has become my go-to second brain app. The only drawback is its task management, which could be more feature-rich and user-friendly compared to other productivity apps. Nevertheless, this app excels as a versatile second brain and overall note-taking and task management tool. Thank you for developing this incredible project. I hope you continue to offer it for free

@yura , Boy ! I am excited !!!
Especially being able to see the TOC !

I +1 on the possibility to customize it with widget !!!
What would be great is that when I select a widget, it doesn’t show if it is not applicable to that object. For example : if I did not add a TOC to that particular object, the widget on the bar doesn’t appear (and doesnt use unnecessary screen real estate).

I hope that we’ll be able to edit the tags directly :slight_smile:

As for the rest, no need to repeat what has been said already…

I totally foresee that bar host the object changes tracking list when you gonna implement multi-users.

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Hello @Nia_93 !

Are you not happy with just opening a new window?
I was a bit annoyed about that lack & found on the community that it was actually an implemented Feature Request… so I looked, and I found out I COULD open 2 Anytype objects at the same time :slight_smile:

It changed my life on a heavy copy / paste

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I must say that this community is also making me like Anytype !
I really feel that it’s more than just “an app” !!!

Bravo to the Anytype Team !!!


Hi! :slight_smile: Thank you for sharing this.

I was doing it for a while, but since it opens another instance of the app, the loading time adds up fast when working with multiple objects, while being cumbersome to manage multiple objects with scattered information in a single screen.

For example, this is my workflow in an Outliner: As a therapist, I dump my notes for each patient on a daily journal page (object in Anytype) after their session, and link the block to said patient’s page (object). I can then easily open and arrange information in the side bar, and move blocks around via links to build more organised notes on them, create more notes, or cross reference examples when writing for specific purposes (like clinical supervision).

It’s possible to do this in Anytype, but very very cumbersome at the moment with all the clicking and UI navigation (and to be fair, it might be a use case that doesn’t make sense for Anytype’s team as a software, I’m just pushing my luck here, eheh)

Either way this is a very nice work around. Can also do cmd/ctrl+click on a link to directly open said object in another instance! :slight_smile:

Hey ! Not only you thank me, but you even increase my knowledge !!! Thanx !
Oh right, I get it… am curious … oh yeah, we have totally different usage ! lol

@yura will there be “Tab’s”? would love to work in Tabs for somethings.

@Jason_Eleazar we are in the process of discussing tabs within the team. Unfortunately, we don’t have a consensus yet. But it’s in the process. We will let the community know when we find a solution.


I think you could achieve something that closely resembles vertical tabs with a Collection, but it would require some work by the team to make this actually work. This is how I think it could work:

If you click around in the app to open objects, everything is opened as it currently does. If you ctrl+click it opens as a new window like it currently does. It you alt+click, you “open” the object in the background, but you actually just use the alt+click as a shortcut to add the object to a predefined collection that then becomes visible in the sidebar if it wasn’t already visible. This special collection in the sidebar allows items to be removed from the collection by hovering over the object in collection in the sidebar, and clicking on an X that appears to mimick “closing” the object.

If people really want horizontal collections, you could add the same logic, but just add a second (optional) top bar with the same functionality as the current sidebar. I haven’t been able to make a quick mockup but feel free to dm me if you want some additional explanation :slight_smile:

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This is interesting! Nice job!

Just a thought, this is the perfect opportunity to implement the local graph in the right sidebar: a graph with only the object selected along with its links and relations.


Yeah, it would be nice. I will discuss this with the product and developer teams. Thanks!


I only began using Anytype recently after digging around in search of a PKM app. I’ve played with apps like Notion, Obsidian and Capacities and I think I can say that Anytype is like the middle ground somewhere between the other three. Notion and Capacities rely heavily on a network connection which is sort of a deal breaker for me. I need a system that I can rely on even when off the grid. I love Obsidian as well but there are some quality of life features I have found out that I needed but simply couldn’t agree with how they were implemented in Obsidian (Sometimes, you need to download so many different plugins to extend the app’s functionality; and even then, some things still felt missing. I found those same features work easier and more intuitively in Anytype. I love that Anytype puts data and account security at the forefront of it’s priorities though. That’s really impressive. I wouldn’t say Anytype has as many features and as much deep customizability as some of these other apps like Capacities, but I can forgive that because it’s in it’s early stages of development and I am pretty sure we can look forward to very big changes and upgrades in the near future. I believe in Anytype, I guess. Awesome work devs. I expect more soon. :wink: