Anytype Android 0.8.2 released

:tada: :package: Welcome to Anytype Android 0.8.2

Highlights of this release :o:

  • Users can now permanently delete their Anytype account, including objects stored on the backup node. :warning: Note: You will have 30 days to change your mind. After 30 days, this is irreversible, and we cannot help you recover your data. :warning:

  • Improvements to the editor for greater customization, formatting, and design.

  • Tons of bugs squashed. Thanks, everyone, for finding and reporting! :heart:

New features & enhancements :rocket:

  • App | Danger zone: allow account deletion. (#2333)

  • Editor | Improved markup shortcuts – supported for all basic text blocks (#2275)

  • Editor | Allowing to merge description with title in header (#2303)

  • Editor | Support palette colors for background and text in title blocks (#2326)

  • Editor | Fallback to basic paragraph when pressing backspace in empty bulleted, checkbox, toggle or numbered blocks (#2274)

  • Sets | Shortcut way for editing your view from settings panel (#2285)

  • Relations | Disable / enable relations editing based on object restrictions (locked state, read-only relations, etc.) (#2258)

Fixes & tech :fire_engine:

  • Object | Show menu options based on object layout type and object restrictions (#2313)

  • Object | Filter out already existing relations when adding relations to object (#2309)

  • Editor | “Preview” action for link-to-object block should be among the first visible actions (#2321)

  • Editor | Filter out current object when searching objects for move-to operation (#2304)

  • Editor | Restore media block meta data when application is destroyed by the Android OS (#2294)

  • Editor | Supporting tab indentation in code-snippet blocks (#2240)

  • Editor | Search results for move-to operation are now sorted by last modification date (#2269)

  • Sets | Make long text ellipsized in headers of rows (#2276)

  • Dashboard | The activated checkbox of task is not displayed in the history (#2322)

  • Relations | Filter out already existing tags when adding values to relation (#2262)

  • Show action icon for relations URL, Email, Phone based on relation value: when value is present, action button is enabled, when not, it is disabled (#2290)

  • Search | Display profile objects in search results (#2271)

  • Auth | Fix | Disable that awful QR-code scanning sound (#2267)

  • Auth | Trim recovery phrase when needed (#2266)

  • Tech | Stop supporting Android 7 (#2268)

Design & UX :white_square_button:

  • Editor | Better DND: when dropping the dragged block without changing its initial position, editor enters select mode (#2261)

  • Editor | Better support for different appearance settings of link-to-object blocks (#2342))

  • Editor | Less aggressive error state for media blocks (#2277)

Thank you for being part of the alpha program :heart:
— Anytype Team


APKs will be available on our website today or tomorrow.


Available via Play Store and :zap: :robot:


Thanks for these updates @eugene!would it be possible to also post release notes for the minor updates? (x.x. 1>x.x.2)
An “Edit” or addendum to the original post would be sufficient I think, no entire new post would be needed.

Edit: posting because it is not clear to me what changed from 8.0.1 to 8.0.2

I believe it was framework layer improvements of the code that were causing sub-optimal performance, not connected to any official bugs which we could link.


Thanks! I think it would be great if that sentence (without the “I think” if this is indeed correct) could have been posted as an edit in the original post. For bonus points for me: add the potential risk of the issue (if no bug has been logged yet)