Anytype Android 0.13.2 released

We’re happy to bring you our first release of 2023 :star2: having fully integrated our backend refactoring work from the last year and with it, a boatload of new features for you to play with.

New Features & Enhancements :rocket:

:sparkles: Decluttering | Introducing marketplace types vs. library types

With decluttering introduced on all platforms, what you see in your ‘Type selection’ menus when selecting Object Types, will reflect only the Types installed in your library. Searching for additional Types in these menus, will however return matching marketplace Types. Simply tap to install them in your library and begin using.

:sparkles: Decluttering | Introducing marketplace relations vs. library relations

Similarly to Types, Relations menus will by default only reflect Relations in your library. However, you can continue to use these menus as before, searching new Relations to install or create from scratch.

:sparkles: Editor | Simple tables 2.0

Cell values can now be edited directly; @-mentions can be used in cells; new cell menu allows you to clear cell content and style; introduced select-mode for cells; new column & row menus allows moving, highlighting, deleting and duplicating columns & rows; drag-and-drop has been enabled for simple table blocks

:sparkles: Sets | Support sets of objects aggregated by relations
As sets-by-relation have been introduced on desktop, with this release you’ll also be able to open & edit these sets on mobile.

:sparkles: Sets | Allow possibility to change data view source
After creating a Set, it’s now possible to change the data source of your set, for instance from one Type to another.

:sparkles: Editor | Showing object pre-loading state
In case your objects are sluggish to load, we’ve introduced a pre-loading state with proper animations to give feedback that the operation is taking place.

Editor | Styles enabled for link-to-object blocks
Long-press any link-to-Object block and open the three-dots menu for greater customization over your link layouts.

Editor | Enable checking / unchecking of linked Task Objects
You can now change the state of Task objects by simply clicking on the icon from Object previews, without entering the Object itself.

Sets | Enabled ‘duplicate’ action for currently open set
Just as with any other Object, tapping the three-dots menu in Sets will create a duplicate and open a new window, in which you can start working with the duplicate.

Fixes & tech :fire_engine:

  • Editor | ENTER key now enabled for external keyboards
  • Editor | @Mention menu item now showing consistently when inputting ‘/’ character
  • Editor | Search-on-page functionality for simple tables now working
  • App | Fix | Rapid double clicks no longer causing redundant navigation or application crashes
  • Objects | Adding link to currently open object from object or set via object’s three-dots menu
  • Sets | Unsplash Object covers now displaying correctly in gallery view

Design & UX :white_square_button:

  • Editor | Bold font weight adjusted for better readability
  • Editor | Useless forward/backward buttons from video blocks now removed
  • Editor | Margins for video blocks in uploading state adjusted
  • App | Login button disabled when input field is empty


“Make my eyes that color”, pleaded the Android as the indigo sky flooded his vision… :star_struck:


Awesome new Features! Love it! I am excited about this update!
Thank You @eugene for the post!


Nope, this is just not implemented yet.

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The update (0.13.2):mending_heart: with some hotfixes is already online, please update.


Consider updating to 0.13.2, containing a bunch of important hot fixes. Already available on, in review on Google Play.

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Live on Google Play! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the update :slight_smile: