Ambiguity in forum categories


At this rate, I must already have a track record of how many posts I have incorrectly filed! :laughing:

I wanted to raise this point because I truly feel that the categories here can be fairly ambiguous. Most notably, I find it especially confusing when to file my thread as a feature request or a bug report! I hope that this thread can serve some clarity for me and for Anytype, if they would like to make some changes to the forum here and there.

The Feature Requests category has the description that it is “for discussing core features and design. To report any bugs, please use Bug Reports.” The way I interpret this is that it’s for suggesting new ideas — as its name exactly suggests —, but also for discussing elements of the design; the latter is where I find more confusing, since it is not exactly a request for anything new but simply a discussion of what exists. The name of the category and its description are conflicting in my opinion, and therefore can be confusing!

The Bug Reports category has the description that it is for “something not working”. Understandable enough! I interpret this for issues that have some form of criticality — be it unintentional issues with the user experience (like [the scrollbar being out of place](Scrollbar Is Out of Its Place)), crashes, and errors. I don’t see this as a place for discussing current design, since nothing is working incorrectly.

What are your thoughts about this? It could be just me being confused and misinterpreting these; I think that it would be great if other categories that leave little room for ambiguity are added — most notably, a Feedback category for non-buggy behaviour.

Thanks in advance for the read! Do share what you think here.

Edit: I’ve seen [another post](Forum issues: we should be able to post in Meta + confusion on "resources" area) in this category talk about the Meta category too; maybe an improvement in the organisation of the forum can help a little!

I think the forum structure has changed quite a bit since this was posted.

Also, it seems the difference between Bug Reports and Feature Requests has been clarified by better explaining what Feature Requests should be used for: