Am I missing something on how to make anytype my all in one?

I love anytype, i have been using it for about two weeks now and im pretty much “all in” on it. A few things that I’m missing on are:

  1. Calendar support - I would like to be able to see all date properties etc in a calendar view.
  2. split screen/multitasking/tabs support! - would be better than opening two windows.
  3. Table editing like in google sheets - I struggle with doing autonomous tasks on anytype and also haven’t figured out how to paste data from google sheets into a column of an existing set
  4. Plugin support - could solve these and other future problems

Are there any plans to add these features or are there any solutions that you guys know of to get these? Any help is appreciated. Also, thanks to the anytype team for this great app :slight_smile:

Edit: I’m aware that the app is still in beta, I’m just wondering if there are any current or planned solutions.


You can follow (and vote) here :

  1. Calendar
    Calendar view & Timeline view

  2. Tabs
    Add Tabs to show multiple pages

  3. Plugin has its own category, big projet but no date for now

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The API is scheduled for next quarter according to the roadmap.

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Yeah it’s not really ready to replace everything yet, but hopefully it will get there in the future.