💾 Allow overwriting files that were opened from Anytype and modified afterwards

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
When modifying a file opened from Anytype, users should have the ability to directly save it.

Describe the solution you’d like
A prompt should show up if the opened file is modified, asking if the user wants to overwrite the file with the newest one.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Manually deleting and re-adding the file after editing.
Using Nextcloud for file synchronization.

Additional context
Usage example (Desktop):
1- Excel file opened from Anytype.
2- User modifies the file content.
3- User saves the file.
4- Anytype prompts if the file should be replaced with the newest one.


Thanks @Mywk! Nice suggestion @ignatovv Do we have anything like this in the works?


Thanks, interesting idea. We will add this to our working-with-files project blueprint. When we will start this project it will definitely be considered.


Getting there! As of V. 0.30.0 update, we can download image files directly.