Allow existing objects to be added more easily in a Collection


I want to easily add existing Objects to a Collection.


Have a similar search and filter option as appears often in Anytype: you can search for existing Objects or create a new one if the one you need is not existing yet:


I get that the Collections are based on Sets and therefore behave very similar, but it would make it easier to use Collections this way :slight_smile:


I noticed it is easy to add an object by right clicking and selecting link to but if I get you right you want to add existing objects when you already have the collection open. Then I totally second this request :slight_smile:


If I am on a page with linked and mentioned objects I am currently (0.31.36-beta intel macOS) missing an entry in the right click context menu for Link to so that I can add an object to a Collection. The only way I currently see to do this is from a widget within the sidebar.

I think it makes sense to just add this here since it is basically about the same issue.

Hi @sambouwer - question on Collections. I’m trying to wrap my mind around their use as they seem to be identical to sets. Is it just a name change or are they something vastly different?

Sets are like queries, while collections are like databases in Notion. You can create a collection and then add whichever object you want to a collection or you can create objects directly from the collection. One difference between Notion databases and AT collections is that in AT you can have the same object in multiple collections.


@isle9 said it all!


Collections are great, But this feature will make them better.

Also I was thinking of Bulk-Adding all objects from a certain type to a collection.
As I found myself - manually - adding all objects from 2 types only to a collection.

so a small add all objects button then prompting to choose the type would be great.


@AhmedWael216 how are you adding existing objects manually?

As philoup said

Open the object and link it to the collection.

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Another thing that I thought would be implemented with the release of collections, is a separate menu entry in the right click menu for adding to collections. Instead to add to a collection, you use the default link to menu entry. I’d much prefer it if these two were separate since link to menu shows all objects and you then need to search for your exact collection (meaning that you also need to remember them all).


I was just about to make a similar request.
It is true that a set automatically collects all the objects of a single type. but that is not the case with collections.
Thus, it would make sense, in my opinion, that the new object and new buttons in a collection not only give the option to make a new object but also give a search option.

So that we can search all the existing objects and sets, and use the “new object” and “new” button in collections to add them to the collection.

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There should definitely be an easier way to add existing objects to collections from collections themselves, but I’d kinda prefer it if the new buttons were kept for new objects only, and something else was added instead.


That is also true.
Maybe we can also consider renaming the new object button to add new.
This might give the impression that we can either add a new object or add an existing object using this button.
But, however it happens, an easier way to add existing objects to a collection is my wish.

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