Add "+ Add relation" button to "Group by" options in kanban views

Opps! The original reason I opened this turned out to be a case of PEBKAC. So this is the updated request.

Old description for posterity

Desired behaviour

I want to be able to group the kanban view by a custom relation I’ve added either to an existing type or a custom type.

What I’ve tried

I’ve added a custom relation called “relative due date” to my task type:

That is the same relation type as the existing status relation so I figure if the kanban can group by the existing status relation it should be able to group by the “relative due date” relation. However when I try to select the relation to group by it’s not listed:

I’ve also tried creating a custom type, adding both the existing status relation and my new relative due date relation, then create a new set with kanban but for that set kanban I’m seeing neither status nor relative due date:

Next I tried creating a new set and filtering that set to the Task type just like the built-in “:postbox: Task Tracker” set but weirdly that doesn’t let me group the kanban by either my new relative due date relation OR by the status relation which the built-in task tracker set does:

I’ve open and closed that app multiple times during this to check if a reload or something was needed but that didn’t seem to help.

Use case

In my case I want to add a “relative due date” relation to tasks (“in a week”, “in a month”, “someday”, etc) using a status relation type so that I have a drop down I can select a value from. Then I want a kanban board with the swim lanes set to that relative due date relation. The idea is that most of my future tasks don’t have hard deadlines but some of them are more pressing than others so I like categorising my tasks that way and then I can regularly review my future tasks and pull them into my daily todo as desired.

Additional context

I’m using the mac app for this, version 0.33.3. This is also on a pretty freshly created account. I haven’t done much else yet.

I’ve put this as a feature request since it looks like it’s just a behaviour that isn’t implemented but maybe it’s a bug. Looking at the existing topics in the forums I can see some screen shots that suggest other people can set there kanban views to custom relations (Kanban grouping is not effective) but that it doesn’t seem to actually effect the board. So not sure what’s going on here :person_shrugging:

Oh! My bad. I realised what I was doing wrong. For a relation to show up in the group by list for a kanban it needs to be added as a relation in the relation tab first by clicking “+ Add relation”:

I thinking maybe it could be possible to add an “+ Add relation” option in the group by menu too for silly people like me who didn’t realise you need to add your relation to the list in the relations tab before it’ll show up in the group by list:


Thank you so much for getting back to the community with the solution to the problem you faced! :heart:

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Thanks for your solution.

I’ve tried to replicate your solution but keep struggling.

If I add/enable other relations like “Due date” or even a new relation called “Relative due date” I’m still unable to choose another option than tags to group my objects.

Is this just my fault, a new bug or is this option have may be removed?

Hi @Otterthings. Not sure if bug, but there are limitations with the current kanban. They mentioned planning to rework on it in one of their town halls.

Many thanks so far. I’m just wondering as it seemed @callumgare found a solution but I couldn’t replicate it.