Ability to Serialise/Share Individual Types/Objects

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

Say you’re working with some people on a project, they all use AnyType, having a complete profile of them would be handy, such as using Endas profile in the demos. Being able to save a string or a file containing all the metadata needed to import this _profile/object/type into the database would be amazing.

Describe the solution you’d like

Serialising the data into a string or file, allowing for it to be copy+pasted or shared/uploaded, this would also allow for easy sharing of things such as templates such as the ones in the “Show off” section

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

A centralised repo of templates/objects is nice but I think there’s lots of cases where you’d want them private, and I think being able to copy+paste some kind of serialised string would be the most useful, so you can send it over, say slack, and once imported Endas profile is now in your Anytype allowing for easy tagging.

Also crucially this is quite easy to implement compared to say a centralised database, might be a nice stopgap between the final idea :slight_smile: you could just base64 the markdown of the object/type + metadata and share it that way.

Additional context

These wouldn’t update automatically or anything, just an initial way to share objects/types

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