A faster way to fill in forms


Anytype should end the text input in a relation field after entering [Enter] and the cursor should automatically jump to the next field.


I often use forms in Anytype. These contain many relations, such as:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • phone number
  • Place of residence
  • etc. etc., see the picture!

It is quite tedious to fill in such forms, because Anytype does not automatically jump to the next relation field after pressing [Return], but creates a line break.
(Btw: I can’t think of any use case where you would want a line break in a relation field).

At the moment you have to constantly switch between keyboard and mouse, which is time-consuming and inconvenient.
In addition, TWO mouse clicks are required: the first ends the text entry in the current field, the second selects the desired next field.
You then switch back from the mouse to the keyboard. Again and again in a loop …

I would therefore like the cursor to jump to the “next” field after pressing [Return]!

Foreseeable problem:
It’s not always clear which field is “next” when you have multiple fields on top of and next to each other.
There should therefore be a way to define the order in which the cursor jumps from field to field for each template.

(The order in which the relation fields were originally inserted into the template is not sufficient, as such templates are often reorganised).