Sprint Review (53)

Just want to highlight the above statement, and emphasize that most of what’s being discussed in the latest Sprint Reviews, is currently in testing, and have projected delivery targets of ~Public Launch (ie. v.0.32.0 - 0.33.0) :rocket:


Great! Thanks for the update @sambouwer.
I did not see anything from the iOS team: Are those updates missing or do they still need some time to focus? :eyes:


Unless I just completely missed it, there was no update from the iOS team


The main progress was on the widgets and collections fields but it is still work in progress.


Great update! Thanks for all the great info and amazing job team. Can’t wait to see all of this come together.


Thanks for these important message and the Anytype team. Nice work~

I have check the roadmap in Github project page, but I still have a question: when will the feature “rename/delete file/picture/music object” developed and released?

I think it is an important feature to me. Thx.


Holy moly! So many upcoming features! :dancer: :man_dancing:

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Awesome job everyone :heart_eyes:. Personally I can’t wait for using the new widgets :smiley:

Don’t think it’s on the roadmap yet, but feel free to upvote the thread.

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For file deletion, see here:

  • Migration steps for alpha users to get on the new-infra-train :steam_locomotive:
  1. Export account on old version to local zip file on local machine
  2. Download and install new version from Anytype website
  3. Import account via zip (creates new account in new infrastructure and on the local machine, imports data into new account)
  4. If anything goes wrong during import, you can restart it at any time

Hey everyone! I’m really impressed by the improvements AnyType team is making and I’m trying to use it now and then to keep up with the progress. I’m trying to migrate to the new infrastructure. I’ve done all the steps, however, I’m still not seeing any widgets on the sidebar and there is no add to collection option in the options menu. The first two steps of the migration process were done successfully, in the third step I tried to create a new account but I had to use a code to create a new account. Am I doing something wrong or do I really need to obtain a code again to continue the process of migration?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @jp.touma let me clarify this in the text above. This is a summary of what is discussed in the meeting where the progress of the past two weeks is reviewed. None of the contents as written above is available in Anytype at this moment. Some parts will be available with the next release, while others will be more of a glimpse into the future of Anytype. Sorry for not making this clear enough in the text above.


It is so awesome to read about all these stuff you are working on. Can’t wait to see them in action. :slight_smile:

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Just a question regarding import/backup options.
Will there be an option (or a planned feature) that allows us to export and then re-import Anytype data without losing existing links to different objects and the associated formatting?

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For now, it seems like the only way is to backup the anytype2 folder, but I didn’t try the whole procedure of exporting and re-importing.

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Just going to quote myself here from another comment:

We will provide clear instruction and illustration as to how to do it per device, and also host a Town-hall/AMA devoted to migration, prior to the release.


I feel very uncomfortable, probably too much looking forward to the next version coming out sometime this month. In fact, I have been very excited since the release of ‘Sprint Review (53)’. This month is almost over. Is the next version coming soon?

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Hi @BioLinua we understand your concern, but also glad to hear you’re excited about the new Beta software.

I hope we can put you at ease by being as upfront as we can about where we’re at with things, and by letting you know we’re busting our tails to deliver it as quickly as possible. We’re happy to answer any questions you have in the meantime.

The reason for the change in ETA is because the Beta version is packed with new features, a UI and navigation overhaul and will function on an entirely new sync infrastructure.

The Beta release is estimated for May now, but the Alpha (Legacy) version will see some updates prior to then, to aid the migration process.

We want to make sure the transition to the new software goes as smoothly as possible for every single tester, so we’re taking extra care to ensure that. :heart::sparkles:


Will the next version include interface adaptation for Android tablets?