Minimum window size is too large to work alongside other apps

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

Minimum window size is too large to work alongside other programs. For example, I wanted to use Anytype to take notes on lectures/seminars and have to do this on a single screen. The problem is, Anytype takes over half the screen at minimum, making it unfeasible to do this.

Describe the solution you’d like

Smaller minimum window size.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

In other apps I have used, such as Obsidian and Notion, content will wrap to smaller window sizes and overall size of the content can be adjusted (ctrl and + or -). It doesn’t always look perfect, but makes it easier to work with several programs.

Additional context

My display resolution is 1920x1080, scaling is set to 140% on windows 10.



It looks like a tablet or smarthone interface. It’s nice, but a lot of space is wasted.

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@javiavid At fullscreen I don’t mind the layout. Personally if I’m only working with one program I prefer it to be free of clutter.

But I definitely agree with you when the window is shrunk down, then it feels like I’m fighting with wasted space


It would be very useful to be able to use this in a windowed mode other than fullscreen. When I used Notion or Joplin , I would often keep them open as a smaller window on top or next to my web browser or IDE for increased productivity.

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I would like to be able to resize my Anytype window too. The current window size is too overwhelming for me and makes multitasking difficult.

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I see this has been marked as Solved, but I’ve just started using Anytype (v0.20.9), and the window still takes up at least half about the screen width? I often use OneNote in a thin window on the side while working on something else, so this is kinda a dealbreaker for me.

BTW I’m glad Anytype doesn’t have fixed enormous margins like Notion.

Maybe it is solved in an upcoming update? One we haven’t recieved yet?

@Jeroen Yeah I wasn’t sure if that was the case; why I’m hoping for a clarification.

@Jeroen Still seems too large on v0.31.0… any change in beta?

Will be fixed in upcoming release :fire: