How I've been using Anytype until now (pre-beta update)

:wave: Hi everyone! I finally got the time to share a post about my experience with Anytype and how I’ve been using it for the last couple of years (I admit that I haven’t used it all the time​:shushing_face:). I’m doing this post before updating to the beta version, I’m currently using 0.31.0.

Keep in mind that English is not my first language so there might be something that might sound confusing and you’ll see that I use Spanish and English (sometimes at the same time) while I use Anytype. And I also use a lot of () hehe

A little bit of context: I found Anytype looking for an alternative to Notion, which I barely used and I was looking for something to improve my university studies and have all my information (not personal) in one place so it’s easier to find. Since then, I’ve mainly been using Anytype on my desktop. I started on Windows and now I’m on Mac too. I also have Android devices but I can’t use it there because both have 2GB of RAM (mentioned here).

Homepage (I forgot the name of it)
I have a lot of favorites but I just use Dashboard and My University. I can expand on the rest if anyone is that interested.

:house: Dashboard
Same here, I have a lot of stuff that I don’t use regularly but sometimes comes in handy. I never used the sidebar or the graph view, it didn’t make anything better for me.


  • :woman: My profile which has my wishlist and info about a personal proyect.
  • :desktop_computer: My PC and :computer:My Mac are pages with checklists of the app I tend to install and some relevant info.
  • :thought_balloon: Journal it’s a set using the type Daily Reflection. It only has 5 objects because I write notes on my phone.
  • :shopping: Wishlist it’s a set with the type Wish I created.
  • Finance it’s just text, I don’t know how to implement that yet.

Favorites: :star:
It’s anything related to my hobbies and interests.

  • :video_game: Games is a set with a custom type. It only has The Sims 3 and its DLCs with relevant information. It’s also a toggle where I added the set :hammer_and_wrench:Mods, which contains different mods I like for my Sims 3 and it made it so easy to manage all that. I would love to have this set as a gallery view but it’s not possible.
  • :memo: Notebook is a set which has the notes I take while watching videos, reading blog posts, or newsletters. I don’t always finish reviewing all the notes, but I like having them there for future reference.
  • :open_book: Libros (Books) it’s a gallery set. I use the default book type with some modifications based on different contributions made here. I don’t follow a standard note-taking format; I simply write down whatever resonates with me or might be useful later. The only downside is that it’s a bit tricky to display the book covers in the gallery view, so some books don’t show their covers because, I’m a bit lazy.
  • :bookmark: Bookmarks is a list set which just has a few bookmarks types I think I will need (I probably won’t). I’m pretty sure I based it on something I saw here but I can’t remember.
  • :floppy_disk: Apps is a set with most of the apps I use or find interesting for Windows, MacOS and Android. This custom Type has two templates, for free and premium apps, the Features sections is useless. I’ve linked these apps to either “My PC” or “My Mac”.
  • :nerd_face: Tutorial is a set with Pages tagged “How To”. It’s just guides for different stuff I might forget.

This one it’s mostly schools or courses I attend. I created a Type called School with nothing special, no relations, no templates. Most of the Schools contains Courses > Class notes.

  • :school: Universidad… (I really don’t like that mentions are shortened like this) has an inline set and it’s what I use the most to access my courses and notes. I only use it to take class notes (pretty similar to the ones I would make on paper) or notes for different texts I have to read. I don’t use it for any tasks, writing papers or counting my credits (Google Calendar, Todoist, Pen&Paper, Excel and Word 365 work better for now). I’m owing a post about this.
  • Coursera has links to other courses and these links to sets of class notes. The rest Schools works the same way.
  • :fishing_pole_and_fish: Others includes courses from Youtube for example.

I’ll make a few notes here and probably expand later. There’s one feature that would had made my life easier this semester is Link text blocks because most of the time I had to copy the text from the notes I took of certain book, then paste it on my class notes and then mention the books (which the title is shortened). I certainly have more comments on this but this one was the most noticeable during my experience.

This is a work in progress, I want to focus on developing this section after updating. It has anything related to my professional career.

  • :mortar_board: Road to master it’s just text for now but it’s what the title says. It will had anything related to starting a master degree in a couple of years, schools, scholarships, etc.
  • :construction_worker_woman: Job search is the last one created. It’s a set with the custom type Job Applications, it worked really well when I used it and it’s based on different notions templates. I stopped using it (remember I can be lazy) but I felt the need of it when a company called.
    I created this feature request to allow Company relation to have multiple options.
  • :art: Design is just a page for now. I pretend to create a knowledge base with everything related to design. It will work as a main source for all my design related information.

This is everything I mostly see every time I use Anytype and it has been very useful as a tool for organizing various aspects of my life. I’m still working around to find the best use of all its features and the only limitation that changes the way I use Anytype is being unable to use it on my phone, I take notes all the time and now I’m using a WhatsApp group with myself on it to write notes🤣.

Thanks for checking this and sorry for the long post haha but I wanted to share this and now I’m going to update. :wave:


:wave:t3: HI @floseq

Thank you very much for sharing your experience with Anytype. It’s always interesting to see how other people are using it. :smiley:

I really like your pictures showing your use cases. They are very useful and inspiring. Maybe I’ll adopt some of your ideas… :eyes:
I’ve shared my book templates and my journaling template in the community, if you are interested to see how others are doing it…

BTW your :uk: is fine! Don’t let this stop you from expressing your opinions/ideas, because these just got me excited. :slightly_smiling_face:


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¡Qué guay! I think I’m going to take inspiration from your note management for my notes as well… and I realize the PC and Mac pages can be useful for me as well (so that I can quickly remember which apps to install if I happen to change devices).

Thanks for posting! I hope I can showcase my space too someday, it’s still a bit messy now :grin:

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Thank you Chris for your comments! I really liked your journaling template, that’s something I want to implement in the future and the links you shared are going to be useful.


Thanks so much for sharing!

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