First Impressions: A lot of potential, still fumbling a little with all the objects

Got invited last Thursday, and have had some time to feel-in on the software.
First and foremost, the look-and-feel of Anytype is beautiful, good job! There’s already a lot of fantastic features, amazing customizability on the objects, templating is really good, and it is easy to adjust the layout of an object.

Now I wanted to share some constructive thoughts that came up while testing.
Coming from Notion, my opinions might be weighted accordingly, but here goes.

Difficulties creating new object types
I like the whole idea that everything is an object, but it is still a hassle to create new types. When typing in a page, I’d like to be able to create a new type with the forward slash. It takes too much time to go to the start page, click the Library button and create a new type. The ability to quickly create a new type on the fly removes friction from writing my thoughts down with this incredible tool.

Group relevant objects
I think I might not be entirely comfortable with handling everything as objects. Sure, I can present all my objects with sets, but a folder of sets or objects would have been a nice feature. To group relevant things in a better way would have felt more real. Like a fridge, everything might be food, but everything is not a fruit, but it is grouped with other groceries. To group different sets with each other in some way.

Thank you so much for all the effort you’ve put in here. This already feels like a stable product, which is just missing a few quality of life features.


Welcome to the community! I agree with both of your comments.

Concerning the first one, I didn’t find any trace of Feature request with a similar subject, so I leave it to you to propose one in the appropriate section if you wish.

And concerning the second point, as far as I know, you can create a Set that list all your sets, or an object including other objects.
But maybe you are frustrated by the fact that Sets are limited to a single Type? It seems that at some point they could be displayed by Relations, but in any case this limitation frustrates me a lot too.
There is this topic about it:

But no features request has been properly proposed to my knowledge.

I would definitely vote for these two requests!

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There is a feature request for groups and the android app also has a placeholder button for grouping in a set.

As you can see from the screenshots in the linked comment, the items in the task management set are grouped by the due date. In case of a fridge set, one would group them by item type


The screenshots you’ve included inside this Feature request look like the announcement made about the upcoming ability to sort Sets by Relations. This will be very useful, but it is not the same as displaying different Objects.

Not exactly, as you can see in the screenshot, the first few entries in the list view are grouped under Today because all of them have the due date set to the current day. Similarly, the other objects are also grouped in other intervals. In the case of OP, if they have a type named Fridge Items and it contains relations such as

  • Type: Tag (Dairy, Fruits, Vegetables etc.)
  • Expiry - Date

and other similar relations. We could then use grouping to categorize the items based on tag. So all dairy products will appear in a group, fruits in one and vegetables in another. If grouped by expiration date, the ones that are going to expire in the near future will be listed in the same group, the ones that are already expired in another and such.

Grouping is similar to creating a separate view and using filter to display only those matching a criteria, but instead of separate view for each criteria, the objects are grouped inside a single view with different headings

Indeed there is a difference, but I was mainly pointing out its similarity to emphasize the fact that it is about sorting Relations and not different Object types.

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Thank you both for your responses.

I have created a feature request for the first request:

I am definitely going to check out grouping in set that @lynxlove suggested, and see if I can imitate my wanted behavior this way, or I’ll write a feature request.

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