Are unlinked images automatically deleted?

Hi everyone, lately I encountered this strange behaviour.

Are images that aren’t embedded or linked anywhere automatically deleted from my space?

I noticed that images downloaded from Unsplash or even copy/pasted into a note are deleted/not synced when removed from that note (I didn’t go to my space data management and delete them manually).

Unlinked images shouldn’t be getting deleted.

What exactly did you copy paste? A link?

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Hey! Images could disappear because of legacy file system. Image and file blocks are the source of information about actual file data. So if you delete any file block and re-login to your account, these files can’t be indexed. Actual data is still in your space, you could revert it by resetting document to state in which blocks are still there. I’m sorry for such inconvenience. We are going to rework file system so it will be much more reliable and predictable.


  • Files are virtual objects, unlike the others, and many bugs are related to this
  • We are working on fixing that

That means those images aren’t visible unless they’re mentioned, embedded somewhere in my space files, right?
Well, if that’s the scenario, will upcoming updates make the old hidden files re-appear without having to revert back to a file where they were mentioned/linked/embedded?

You are right.

Yes, we will make migration routine that will recover disappeared files

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Thank you, glad to hear that :slight_smile:

So, this only happens if I log out from my account?

Not exactly. If you just log out and log in again, all must be alright.

Fault cases that come in mind:

  1. Log in in fresh device
  2. Remove application data
  3. Reindex of application data caused by app update

I.e. all cases caused by cleaning of local application data