Anytype Desktop 0.22.3

Happy holidays to everyone in our alpha program.

We’ve had 17 incredible months of feedback from our brilliant community. You’ve voted more than 7,000 times on bugs and feature requests, and we are so happy to be building Anytype with you.

Thank you for being part of the alpha program. We can’t wait to build 2022 with you.


  • You can now remove local media files from your current device. They can be downloaded again from the backup node or another device.
    • To remove local media files, you can select Clear cache in Settings → Other settings.
  • You can now drag and drop relations from the relations panel into the canvas.


  • We fixed a few seconds delay when pressing Enter or Backspace inside text blocks. Thanks, HLucas, vincer, wemiprog, lynxlove, JGsource.
  • Optimisations to reduce the wait from starting Anytype to reaching the home screen. Thanks, lynxlove, Srinath.


  • New users will be shown their keychain phrase during their first session.
    • :warning: :warning: :warning: Please write it down. Please keep it safe.
  • Change the view to non-popup when the window’s width is smaller than the width of the pop-up. Thanks, triangles.
  • The Done relation will be added to new Sets views by default.
  • СTRL / CMD + N now creates a new object inside a Set.
  • Going back in history now works within the object in a modal view.


  • Closing and re-opening the app could end with an error. Thanks, lynxlove.
  • The carriage would sometimes not follow the user from one text block to another on the canvas.
  • The relation object would not update as the information changed.
  • Ctrl+X would sometimes discard changes instead of cutting the selected content. Thanks, thiago_nascimentodf.
  • Home screen wallpaper would return to default after logging out.
  • When you clicked on a Status, Tag, File, Object relation value twice times, the focus would remain.
  • After a URL has been inserted into the URL relation, the content couldn’t be selected. Thanks, Sharky.
  • Column position change in dark mode remained with the default styles.
  • Formatting in code blocks was enabled. a b (c + d) became: a b (c + d). Thanks, nelatmani.
  • Multiple selection states got cleared after using Tab search in Home. Thanks, kEbZeCK.
  • Selection of a text while pressing down in a big text block might not be displayed. Thanks, Srinath.
  • When an inline link was clicked, it could open multiple times. Thanks, kEbZeCK.
  • The first time you select a date in the calendar, it could not be stored in the value. Thanks, Klemet.
  • Clicking the checkbox of an object from within a Set, didn’t work.
  • Set’s View creation and management flow was optimised.
  • Searching inside the object didn’t find matches in the link to the object block.
  • There was no ability to open Home from the navigation.
  • In filters, a crash might occur after changing the relation Done to Date when it’s been checked.
  • When creating a new Tag or Status value, a new one hasn’t been added by hitting Enter.
  • The application might not start due to an error “An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions”. Thanks, Patrick Mhiau.
  • An entire paragraph could be accidentally selected when using the keyboard. Thanks, qualquertipo.
  • Line spacing could be different for the first heading compared to the other headers. Thanks, Liam8lu.

That’s great! Thanks!

Here’s a related request which I’d also like to be considered: