You can put favorites in favorites

It is possible to add favorites to favorites (using the side bar).

To Reproduce

  1. Open any object
  2. go to the sidebar
  3. right click on Favorites
  4. Make favorite

Expected behavior
I would like that not to be possible. It makes no sense. Just like it is impossible to make a set of all sets (Russel thanks you), you shouldn’t be able to make favorites a favorite.
Currently, in the home page, the added entry is shown as a grayed out loading block which can’t be right clicked.

System Information:

  • OS: Linux
  • Device Manufacturer/Model: not relevant
  • Anytype Version: 0.24.0

Additional context

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Also, this is also true of any other section in the sidebar.

Nice find!

This does not seem to be reproducible on Windows, so Linux specific:


That’s not what I meant.

You can add the favorites section to the favorites.

Actually, every sidebar section can be interacted with as if it were an object/type, but duplicating, and moving to bin does nothing.

I now have three undeletable grey boxes that even sync to my phone.

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Thanks! I misunderstood :grimacing:

That I can reproduce!


I guess the whole submenu should not be visible for the sections, right? Duplicating or moving the Favorites section to the bin doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, either :wink: .

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Was fixed in latest releases, thanks

Just checked and indeed resolved in v0.26.1.