Wrong order of images when pasted in anytype

When i try to copy and paste many images together in anytype, they are all not in the correct order. I have to reorder them and they are like manyyy images, so it just consumes a lot of time to reorder the images. In notion they all go in the correct order, so im sure yall will be able to fix it. Also, the images in the anytype needs to be larger than in notion to preserve the sharpness. If i match the height of image to that of notion, it just get degraded in quality, whilst notion preserves the quality in any size, so look into that too. It just unnecessarily increases the length of my notes! Also something about notion blocks just feels buttery smooth in the sense of reordering them. The blocks can so smoothly be dragged up and down the page, whereas anytype blocks when dragged up and down the object, the process is really slow, so the reordering experience of blocks isnt that great compared to notion.

OS: Windows 11
Version : 0.26.1

You can just reproduce the bug by copying 5 or more images together and pasting them together in anytype!

Hey @Ishaan,
like I already stated in atleast two other topics.
The bug report template is there for a reason, please use it.

What OS?
What Version?
Step by Step Guide how to reproduce?

Also. Could you try writing your text a little more “seperated”? The “,” doesn’t make sense often. And a it is a bit hard to read when one word of groups is just attached to the next one.

If you are not that fluent in english (as I’m too), maybe try deepl.com. Its a great translation tool which can help a lot.

Thank You

OH yea sorry, i just didnt know i should be so good in english to make sense lmaoo, edited the post!