Writing notes like a document

Hi all
I have a question about the text block category.
There is a block for the different types of titles but for the text not much except for putting structured lists.
Why isn’t there the notion of paragraph because frankly when I want to enter text and then format it, it’s not very practical, especially if I went to the line
The notion of block is practical but not for everything


i agree to a certain extent, but i feel like if you want to format between 2 paragraphs, then just put a blank line between the two chunks of text.

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I think this is the biggest drawback of the block based note taking that Anytype has gone for and is not going to change, just like Notion and other simular programs.

I think with a few small adjustments the “block structure” can still be used for writing longer texts with different paragraphs. Two options that I can think of:

  • As a workaround in the current version: Use Shift-Enter to add a newline between two pieces of text within the same block (like @LiteLotus is suggesting)
  • You could write your text and use a single text block for each paragraph (start a new block with Enter), as there will be some space between the two blocks, showing them as separate paragraphs
  • Feature request that could fulfill your need for writing “just” text Proposal: block edit vs. text edit “mode” with hotkey or modifier

What do you think?


Here is what I think, but this goes a bit beyond “writing notes like a document”.

I think it would be brilliant to have different page types. Not the types we already have but that we can make a word document page, an excel document page, a drawing page, etc. Complete with their own toolbars and intergrated with mentions, notes, sets, relations, etc.

But this will go far and beyond the scope of Anytype and would make it very cluttered (though the idea is awesome).

Other then the workarounds @sambouwer listed I don’t think real writing like a document will ever be part of Anytype (or Notion, or Obsidian, etc). It’s to different then the block structure which Anytype has I think.

Could you please give us a visual example of what you would like to be able to do? If you can do it on another word processor, can you make small video capture and upload it here?

I prefer inlining types personally :sweat_smile:

What do you mean by real writing? You all seem to understand what @cyrille_bzt need, so if you can enlighten my knowledge, please do.
Using Layout design software like Indesign is undeniably more flexible than a word processor like Microsoft Word, but that comes with a technical price, as it takes time to master. But I think the differences between a word processor and Anytype or Notion can for the most part, in time, be brought to few.

Justify and Distribute texts could hopefully be added. Already having Center and Right align is very useful, especially when compared to competitors.

What is missing and would be very useful, is a way to select text across multiple blocks without having to select each block in its entirety!

Although it has kindly been mentioned already by @sambouwer above, after reading through the original request and some subsequent comment, it really seems like my “writing modes” feature request would address this need:

I’m quite curious to hear from @cyrille_bzt if they would agree.


As I understand it, he means writing like in Microsoft Word, Google Doc, OneNote, etc. Where you can just start typing away and afterwards edit font, bold, underline, headers, colors, etc.

While I was thinking about that, the biggest difference next to the obvious blocks is the toolbar for all the things mentioned above. In Microsoft Words you can simply select en click, in Anytype you have an extra click per block.

But, this is my view on this topic, perhaps @cyrille_bzt can explain more what he means. :slight_smile:

Some of that stuff can indeed be done in one click. Bold, underline etc. are all shown after you select text.

It’s a really interesting proposal in this post.
The problem with blocks is that it is extremely difficult with a keyboard to jump from block to block to make a modification without using the finger or the mouse to navigate.
Moreover, if I want to centralize as much information as possible in one tool, I want to be able to manipulate my text quickly
If I take the example of a text file in markdown for example, I can navigate with ease and layout, but not with blocks because as soon as the enter key is pressed, it creates a new block

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I don’t see any difference in navigation between a classic .docx/.txt/.odt document and a modern block-based document like Anytype or Notion.
The up and down arrows allow you to move from one block to another.

How would you like to improve this, what would you like to implement?

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It would be great to be able to edit and render text in a text block, as you can with LaTeX, but this seems difficult to achieve.

Add images

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