Would love to see auto colored hyperlinks

I use hyperlinks quite a bit and they are generally in line with my work. As I’m getting into using Anytype, pasting a hyperlink leaves it looking rather similar to the surrounding words except for an underline. Basically, the hyperlinks blend in a bit too much, IMO.

It would be great if there was at least an option we could turn on or off that would have Anytype automatically make hyperlinks a certain color so links stand out from the rest of the words more without me having to go to each hyperlink and change its color.

That’s my only thought so far. Loving the work the team has done so far.


P.S. If there is an option to do this, and I’m missing it, please let me know. It would be very useful! I’ve tried to search the forums with the keyword hyperlink and it didn’t seem anything came up about this. I haven’t found an option within the program for this either. But it is entirely possible that I am missing it. Thanks again.