Would like Enter/Tab to not tab in when creating a new object

I’ve found that I tend to hit the enter or tab button to cause an object to change into its respective type. (I’m not sure if they are actually objects, but I think I’m using the term correctly.) For example, I would type /h3 and then hit enter or tab to get it to change to heading 3 instead of clicking the dropdown. This is way faster than mouse-clicking for me.

Currently, this also causes it to indent or change line, which I don’t want to do. I rarely want to actually tab in as it does so currently, and I would like the feature to change to allow users to hit the enter or tab buttons without actually tabbing/newline-ing it on the first keypress. I was thinking the user could press a second time afterwards to achieve the tabbed-in/“newlined” version of the object.

I feel like this is one of those simpler (from a user perspective) changes that makes a HUGE difference for the user experience with the interface.

Interesting, I don’t get the tab (indent) thing. I do see what I think you are identifying as the header moving to a “new line”. But I don’t think that’s actually what’s happening, though I agree it’s confusing and should be adjusted. Maybe I’m seeing something different than what you are, so if the following doesn’t match your experience, then disregard.

What I think is happening is that Headers have leading padding/space. First, notice that when you create a header by any means (even clicking the option) it jumps down a bit. Also check out that when you hover over the blocks once the header is created, there is a gap between the header and the block above it where no block handle shows. If you convert the Header block back to plain text, that gap goes away.

So I think what’s going on is that Headers have leading spacing (typically headers do have some padding around them as part of what distinguishes them and helps control visual flow in documents), and that they are adding that space upon creation, which bumps them down from where your cursor was. I’m not 100% sure the best solution, but I will say that Notion does the exact same thing. I think the only ways to fix it would be to either not have leading spacing, or to have the current cursor position be something like a scroll “anchor” and thus move the blocks above it up upon creation. Either way there is a potentially jarring shift, but it seems like a necessary evil if the formatting of headers is to remain the same (leading space)…

By the way, an even faster way to do headers (and other formatting) is to use Markdown! # makes an H1, ## makes and H2, etc.

P.S. Goose!