Workaround to have a Timeline view ;)

Hi everyone, I’m back with another workaround that is to have a timeline view in anytype (kinda) :smile:

  1. Make 2 columns of blocks and shift the separator to the left (i.e left column is narrower)

  2. Make the first block of the left column → Title

  3. The next blocks under this title represent the project name, you can just type project’s name or use @ to mention an already created object

  4. For the right column, make the first row → Years/Months/Weeks/Days, as you prefer

  5. The next blocks on the right column are filled with space, hold your space key until you fill it to the end of the timeline

  6. Now you have your timeline ready, click and drag to select a portion of the space made before and changes its background color


Personally, all I need from a timeline is a simple, sorted list of tasks. What I have is a filtered view of a set of tasks, sorted by due date (all my tasks have a default due date, specified in a template, in year 3000, so they are sorted at the end, unless an actual due date is specified). I filter for only tasks with a due date in or before 7 days from now for a week timeline, and in or before 31 days from now for a month timeline. The only problem I have with this approach is that I have to specify an actual due date in two steps: setting the due date to today so that I get the calendar picker for the current year, and then set the actual due date. Otherwise, works perfect for me.

Nevertheless, I love how you solve these kinds of issues with simple, yet clever and usable designs. This is an amazing idea I might utilize just for the fun of visualizing data like this.


I like your approach about solving this issue, especially the year 3000 one, I have always struggled with non-dated tasks appearing at the beginning of my list.

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