"work with a content" typo in Getting Started

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Hi @dandv, thanks for sharing this! Did you happen to find any other typos in the meantime?

How did you know? :slight_smile:

Mention is similar [to] Object Link approach where you are able to add any object from your Anytype

This approach allows you to create “Home Page” style objects, where you are able to customize Object Link’s view

a town called “Berlin,” a year

Make a search across your knowledge graph, object types, and relations.

^ Run/perform/conduct a search. Or just “Search across…”

You can open Type Library from Home screen

^ besides adding “the”, it would help to indicate how to open the Type Library (e.g. via :black_square_button:)

In the “Contact” template there’s both Instagram and FB, and “Profile in social media”:

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Thanks for sharing! I’m bringing your topic to the attention of the Anytype team as these kind of “bugs”/issues should be relatively easy to fix :slight_smile: .

@sambouwer Not sure if this is a typo or I don’t quite understand those two items from Create your own relation:

I think the descriptions in general are quite vague and could use improvement.

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shared internally, turns out these parts will be re-written completely

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@sambouwer There are actually quite a few grammatical errors and title inconsistencies throughout the app, it’s a personal pet peeve of mine. But I know there’s a log of them being kept and big clean up is planned sometime in the next few releases.


@dandv this should be resolved as all texts you mention are (being) rewritten!

I’m marking this as resolved for now :slight_smile: