Work in progress or planned features list

It would be nice to have a list or something where we could see whats planned and whats in development at the moment so that we don’t suggest or report problems already known by the team. This could be a simple bulltet list or something more elaborated like a public trello kanban board. I my opinion a simple list, pinned to the top, would do the job.


Yes, I would love to see this too. For most conventional (i.e. commercial) software teams this is not commonly done, for various reasons. For an open source project though it is much more common. So I hope in time we can have this. Maybe we have to wait until it is open sourced though…


@Oshyan Maybe. I suggested that because I have a lot of “Feature Requets” and ideas that could be planned or in development and I wouldn’t like to add noice or more pressure to them


@marcoccio Of course only the team can say for sure. So hopefully they respond here some time soon. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s a good idea. I think that we can share the WIP and the nearest feature plan.

But still, you can pour over your thoughts about the future of Anytype with feature ideas, that the community will upvote and influence on our priorities


@marcoccio @Oshyan we decided to make it within monthly updates


I very much like the idea of a public trello board or even a simple list of things the team is working on. Anytype is getting more and more exciting, and most of us are at the edge of our seats waiting for our favorite features to come out. This is of course not to pressure the team, but to quench the excitement a bit and make the wait more tolerable - at least the obsidian public trello board did do that for me (

Anyway, just stirring up this topic as I feel it is quite pertinent to the rapidly growing user base :smiley:

1 Like is also a nice tool for tracking, voting and prioritizing feature requests.

I agree that on the forum is not really easy to see which features are gaining interests, and where the team is currently working on


Hopefully we will be able to end up using the forums, just with a better view of votes, sort by votes, etc. Using an additional tool would just create more work for the team to maintain it.

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Suggestion to Mods: add the word “roadmap” somewhere in the title of the OP.

If it weren’t for the word being part of the URL shared by @abstractgeek I wouldn’t have found this thread :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Now I can vote on it instead of creating a new one.

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More visibility planned:

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