Will there be a 0.34.4 official release?

First, let me apologize for not being familiar with the release process. I am anxiously awaiting a fix for this very frustrating bug, which exists in the 0.34.3 official release, but cannot be reproduced in 0.34.4-alpha. However, 0.34.4-alpha was released weeks ago, and now I see there is a 0.34.5-alpha released just yesterday. Meanwhile the official release download is still 0.34.3.

Will we get an official 0.34.4 release? If not, when can we expect to get a fix for this particular issue in an official release? Thanks!

0.34.3 is the pre-release version, while 0.34.0 is the main version. 0.35.0 should be released soonTM. You shouldn’t need to wait much longer.

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