Will/is there be a way to set Anytype back to a clean slate without needing a new Keychain phrase?

Ive been trying to learn the program and doing lots of tests, and its made everything messy.

Also is there a general idea of when Inline Sets, Sidebar with navigation, and Backlinks will be released? Also when you will be able to only store content locally?

Hi, you can select all your pages and content and delete them. :slight_smile:

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There is a request on forum titled Reset Anytype
You could upvote them for a factory default settings/clean state.

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Ill try to find it and do that, thank you.

New user here, how do I do this? Unable to find a list of all pages

There is no “All page View/Tab” available yet. You can use workarounds such as Dashboard → Store (Squircle Icon near your profile pic) → Relations → Creation Date to look at all the pages created. Kindly check the following feature request for the same