Will Anytype locally sync if I have a virtual local network?

Apps such as Radmin allow you to create “virutal” local networks that your devices will see as a proper local networks, even though it works over the Internet. Will Anytype be able to locally sync through this network? Could this be a replacement for a self-hosted Anytype server if I use more than 1GB of space?

Hi @TheSolarPrincess
At the current stage, the app only syncs with the backup node on Anytype’s servers, local sync is not supported at all yet.

i.e there must be a connection like that: Device 1 → Anytype’s server → Device 2

Soo… the docs are wrong?

Yep, sort of, it needs to be updated.

No the docs are not wrong. P2P local sync was disabled temporarily in the previous version as we implemented a major update to our infrastructure. It will be restored in the next releases✨️


Oh, that’s interesting. So, will the scheme in the opening post work after P2P local sync is re-enabled?