Widget "Tags"

I need a widget to list tag in a custom relation and access all items tagged with them.
My user case is to access quickly via menu, if I need something tagged family of if I want to see all my items about travel.


You have this on the forum, it should be the same in Anytype.

Thank you!

Hey Mow, please fill in the template when writing feature requests.

What exactly would you like to be implemented here? You should already be able to create yourself what you are describing in the post above.

What would you recommend? Create a collection of different sets (but with the same relation) in which the filter is each one of the tags?? :thinking:

If that is a bit much, you could just use views instead of completely separate sets and just add the set itself as a widget.

Vote here please, I think it’s what you want :

And I respectfully but strongly disagree with @Filip :wink:.
In my user case, I’ve a lot of tags, really. And if I add a page about “Anytype” and haven’t “Anytype” tag, I add it quikly and Done.
(in fact, actually I add Apps\Anytype in Evernote, need this : A Master Tag System (advice and feature requests) (Tag hierarchy) - #4 by sambouwer)
I need to be able to add them easily (which is just about the case) and have them immediately available in the widget.

It’s an alternative yes.
Not having a widget and just a default set and each type you need “Anytype” tag, filter by this, too.
But for each, it’s a pain.
My alternative for now : I keep al my quick notes in Evernote.

@Mow don’t hesitate to share your opinions and use cases, the more people who do, the more convincing you’ll be :grin:


About what exactly? :sweat_smile:

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It’s not viable, not maintainable. But yes, we can do it.
I promise, I’ve tried (this and other methods) a few months ago but gave up quickly :sob:.
The only remaining leads required development (more or less depending on the ideas, even if I had to do it myself).

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It’s perfectly viable if you don’t have a lot of tags, or if you are not planning on adding / removing a lot of them in the future, hence the reason why I recommended it in this case.

A relation widget
If I go into the library on a relation with tags or statuses, have a “Create widget” as for pages. This creates a widget automatically filled with the list of tags (and like the other widgets it updates if I delete, modify or add a tag).
This allows you to access all your tags directly: clicking on one of them should open a list of pages with the tag.


As @Shampra mentioned, this would be perfectly possible if Unique tag view - #3 by Shampra was implemented, so this will probably be merged / closed as duplicate in the future.