Why is this object not related to this set ? Why is Set being shown as Orphan in the Graph?

This Object , A Personalized Movie Template Has the Object Type as - “Content”

This Set’s Object Type is also - “Content”

But the Graph view don’t show them to be related.

What am I doing wrong here ? or How is my Interpretation of the logic wrong ?
Sorry if it is noob question :sweat_smile:

Hello there - thanks for posting here.

Your understanding isn’t wrong (and it’s not an unreasonable assumption to have either!) - having Objects of one Type won’t connect (to each other or to the parent Set) in the graph view. This irregularity has been posted about on the forums before - you might be interested in Set elements in graph view? and lynxlove’s workaround for that.

So I am confused ? Is it a bug that will be fixed ? Or is it the logic that the developers intended ? And thanks for the workaround.

Is this a big that will be fixed ? Or is it the logic that the developers intended?

I can’t really answer that question; I’m just a moderator and I don’t have knowledge on what happens internally with the development of Anytype. You’ll have to ask the developers directly (preferably in the Telegram, they’re most active there) for that.

However, I can offer my own personal thoughts on this. I think this is probably intended behavior, as there can be multiple Sets for a Type, making it difficult to determine exactly which set the user wants the child Objects to link to. Furthermore, there can be multiple Views for a Set, increasing the ambiguity of which Objects a user actually wants connected to a Set on the graph view.

Perhaps child Objects could link directly to the Type object rather than the associated Set object. but that might be confusing for Objects where a Set has not been created yet.

@edwards I agree with your remark that this is intended behavior. In the linked post it is also explained why by @lynxlove.

@Rickety8668 if the workaround described does not fit your needs, or if you want this behavior to be changed, you can submit a feature request as I could not find any that matches your description/need.

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