Why is there no Anytype apk publicly available for download?

I can download Anytype for Windows, MacOS, and Linux based operating systems on [download.anytype.io](download.anytype.io) but there is no download link for Anytype for Android. I can see that it’s way convenient for both developers and testers to use Google’s Firebase App Distribution but I think there still needs to be a link to Anytype for Android in the .apk format. Personally, I’d rather track updates manually than have Google notify me.

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@BGray download links for anytype on android are available in the telegram android group. Also, there are a few platforms under consideration for distributing apks. If you have suggestions regarding the same please share them.

@div3xi I’d rather download the apks like I’m downloading the .appimage files, a direct link to them on the page I linked in the original post. As for the Telegram group, I fail to see its significance other than boarding new testers in. I always thought it was a temporary solution for bug reporting, contacting the Anytype team and suggesting new features until a forum was made. It’s been months now since we were invited to participate in the forum here on community.antype.io but I’m still required to use Telegram, which I’d downloaded just for Anytype and I had to dig around for websites that offer temporary phone numbers to receive SMS so that I could make a Telegram account. I lost it and I don’t want to deal with Google’s Firebase. I might be asking for too much here but I really don’t get all this.

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You know… I’m with @BGray here :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I’m not certain if there is a technical reason not to allow the .apk on the same downloads page, given it’s already shared in Telegram. If it’s not a technical problem, then I agree it should be there.

I would also strongly support that.
I do not own a Google account, hence I have no way of getting AnyType for Android without downloading Telegram (which I do not currently use)

The app is usually shared in the matrix community group as well. You could try downloading it from there

Yeah, since it is shared there anyway, why not have a link to the file on download.anytype.io?

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We are considering it the only thing is that firebase can give direct update notifications and android app does not have it yet so we will have to implement that first and then share the apk