Why is the normal syncing speed so slow in the first place?

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I was just wondering why the normal speed of syncing takes so long? It is absolutely normal for me to wait hours every time I reinstall Anytype on Android or Windows. There are a lot of objects to download, no doubt about that. But still waiting hours every time feels kinda odd. Is it simply because of the encryption process? I mean the database is on android for example only about 4 GB big when done syncing. It’s quite a task every time to keep the phone screen on for so long to let it sync in peace. So why do need 4gb over 1 hour maybe even 2 or 3 and will the syncing speed increase (drastically) in the future?

I don’t know about hours, but the application uses P2P so the sync speed is reliant on either your local network speed or your internet speed. Personally it only takes a couple minutes for all my devices to sync but I have gigabit.

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I have 100mb/s . I will reinstall anytype and record exactly how long it needs on both devices

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Anytype synced 20 - 50% or in other words 1GB app data out of 4-5 within 70min. I use a Galaxy S20FE and my internet is with 100mb per second, ain’t that slow. The same counts for windows. Could someone explain please why this is so? Will it become faster at some point? @endac @sambouwer @Angelo @Vova

As an update, after 2 hours + syncing / 135 min it only synced/downloaded 1.85 GB on android. Basically, that means it downloads roughly 1 GB per hour.

After 3 hours its still not done syncing and the app data has become less. :thinking:

That’s not entirely true, one should also add whatever nodes are providing the data into the equation. This statement assumes that the upload speed of the P2P nodes is larger than OP’s download speed, for which we have no data. If their speed is slow, it’ll be slow. P2P doesn’t necessarily means super fast downloads.

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