Why does Japan have more elements than other countries?

Why so many JP elements in emoji ?
The only map of countries outside the world map:

The only flag that appears more than once:


I didn’t mean to say anything, but I just found out about it.
Is the UI designer Japanese? :thinking:


Anytype’s emoji set doesn’t look updated, but it’s also not app-exclusive. (It’s Apple’s, if I’m not mistaken.) There’s a unicode followed by all emoji vendors. (Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc.) :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you have a couple of hours to kill, this episode of Ologies by Alie Ward is worth listening to :slight_smile:

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Emoji was initially japanese. they had a better system for creating characters, and so they were able to append graphics to their “alphabet” so to speak. meanwhile the west was stuck using ascii. when UTF8 was being made, they just decided to adopt the emoji into the main language system and make it possible to display images, as a result, japans large library of existing icons and emoji’s got grandfathered in. hence why japan has so many emoji.

All of this is from memory, some of this maybe wrong but thats how i understand it.


Yeah, it’s Apple Emoji. Not sure why Japan has numerous elements as far as emoji goes, but I did learn that the double Japanese flag is also more commonly a symbol of solidarity. I wouldn’t say that the temple one is specific to the region of Japan, even though the emoji tooltip identifies it as being a “Shinto Shrine.” Japan is a very distinguished place I would say, and much of the Asian culture that we automatically misattribute to China is actually Japanese culture. In fact, we often group them together, but they are very distinct and different groups because of their background and history. Also, an interesting dive is this: https://sabrinas.space/ which is information about how Japanese web design is radically different from the rest of the world.

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“Japan is a very distinguished place I would say, and much of the Asian culture that we automatically misattribute to China is actually Japanese culture”,

This involves something that has nothing to do with AT,but I really like human history,so I don’t think so.
Japanese culture originated from Chinese culture, of course Japanese culture is a very distinct subgroup,so no problem with your understanding. :hearts:

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