White Background Has No Function in Code Blocks

Describe the bug

When you select the white background in code block styles, it changes back to gray.

To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

    1. Open a page.
    1. Create a code block.
    1. Tap and hold the screen on the code block.
    1. Tap “Style”.
    1. Select white. The background will be gray.

Expected behavior

I’d expect the background to be white but I’m guessing it’s something you don’t want to have in code blocks, so I’d like to see that option removed.

Device Info

  • OS: Android 7
  • Version: 0.1.2.

Additional context

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@BGray Thank you for your notice! It has been added to the bug tracker and will be fixed in the nearest future.

This issue is still present on Anytype for Android 0.6.1.