Where is the recipe template from YouTube?

Somone (I think @Charlotte ) posted this YouTube video showing a template for organizing your recipes, cooking, ordering food, etc

The comment said that a link to import the template would be added soon.

I can’t find the link…

Nevermind: They’re called experiences and the link to the recipe one is here: Recipe Book and Meal Planner

It seems like it maybe standard actually? I was able to install recipe from the types library… but the Ingredients field in the template doesn’t seem to correspond to a type (ingredient). It seems to just be a text item?

I assume the ingredient object needs to exist in order for the more exciting features (i.e. what can I make from my kitchen, build grocery list, etc) to work

You can find the experience here.
The recipe that is in the library, is just the type. The experience comes with pre-made sets and other extra stuff.