Where is my entry point?

I’m am in empty home page.

I click on the + sign and create an object. As I’ve understood, by default its type is “draft”.

I can then change the type to anything I want.

I would have expected a type “page” but there isn’t one. And I’m already confused…how can I create a simple page containing other objects?

Anyhow, even if I chose another type, let’s say “Article” when I click outside the popup I’m back to my home page…and my created object/page is gone…where is it?

I know it’s created/stored somewhere but what’s its hierarchy? I would have expected to find it under the homepage but that’s not the case?

The only way to find it back is to remember its name (really?) or to open the graph and try your chance…I’m really puzzled about this.

Why there isn’t an entry point to all the other pages/objects/articles?

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All pages tab is much needed and here is the [request](All Documents page) for the same

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@lynxlove Also this, I guess?


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@lennyleonard You’re right, it is not intuitive. It’s being worked on! Be sure to vote on the feature requests (and make your own requests as well). Remember, it’s still alpha.