Where do I find my seed phrase or keychain phrase?

I logged into the community, downloaded the Mac and iOS apps, and had a Zoom call come in. I think the tab I had open for this is now disappeared, and I have no idea where to find my seed phrase / keychain phrase, or even if those are the same thing or two different things. Thanks for the help.

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I have the same issue. I may have missed the part of the onboarding when they talked about keychain phrase. I only installed the app, but can’t move past the keychain phrase. I can only find the invite code. Thanks in advance.

You need to sign up with the invite code the first time which would then generate a keychain phrase. You need to save that and keep it secure and use that to login into other devices in future

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I didn’t save my seed phrase and logged out of the anytype, how do I retrieve it?

Don’t think you can retrieve it. They said it in the call 37 times that you need to write it down somewhere.

Check Keychain Access in macos

I remember they seemed to have sent me an email automatically.You can try to find it in your email?

This seems to be quite a big issue. If someone forgets to write down the keychain phrase everything is lost, and that’s completely fine. But you can NOT use AnyType anymore, since you can’t login (no passphrase) and you can’t make a new account since you already used the invite code.
I’m fine with losing my stuff if I forget my passphrase, but not being able to use AnyType anymore is not a great thing.

When you open the “anytype” application on your device, you will be asked to either login or sign up. Select “Sign up” and type your name, then click on the “Create profile” button. Type in your unique code from the email, press enter, and then you will have the chance to get your keyphrase. Hopefully, this helps someone.

is this one my key chain?

Yes. This is the phrase you need to login to Anytype.