When will local network sync be available?

I’ve found several posts referencing this, however none with a definite answer or timeline from the team.

I want to be able to use Anytype fully offline - syncing between my Android phone and Windows laptop via local network only.

Thanks! I don’t think this is the same thing though.

I’m asking about direct connection between two devices without using internet (using only local network).

The post you linked seems to refer to a type of sync that uses the internet (bold added):

Apps such as Radmin allow you to create “virutal” local networks that your devices will see as a proper local networks, even though it works over the Internet. Will Anytype be able to locally sync through this network?

Sean mentions P2P local sync in his answer.

Hi thanks

I don’t know who Sean is. Is it Angelo?

His reply mentions p2p sync but never states it does not use internet (which the OP he’s replying to does).

If you know for a fact that what I asked is already implemented, great! Thank you. (If not, please leave post unsolved)

Since it says P2P LOCAL sync, the assumption is that it does not use the internet.
I’ll let @Angelo clarify.

Me too.

Until I read about this;

Thus, I’m asking for a confirmation from devs that AT is not this. That it is true local. Hope that makes sense.