When I select whole words of a block and cut them. the sub object is cut too

What’s The Bug?

I create a blocks, and next for block I indent it so it can be sub-block of upper block.
then I try to cut and paste. If I select all the text by mouse I notice sub-block is cut too. but when I paste only first block is pasted.

How To Reproduce It

  1. Create a object.
  2. Create a block, type something
  3. Create block as sub-block of the first one.
  4. Use mouse select all the text of the first block.
  5. Cut and paste.

The Expected Behavior

I don’t know the design of this. first question is what did I select:

  • All the words in that block
  • the block it self.

but any way, the sub-block should be effect, if I only select words instead of the block itself.

and I don’t know how did this happen that the cut and paste is not identical





Anytype Version


Technical Information

Sorry I can’t provide it.

Confirmed on Windows 11 @ v0.38.3 alpha.