What's your background?

Hi all, I think it would be really cool to share here what is our background and how is that related to AnyType!


I’ll start with myself: I am an Italian student, I have many interests and I’m a bit of a perfectionist. Sometimes I write but mainly I use note taking and PKM apps for school notes and general day to day check lists and brain dumps.
I’m interested in web 3.0 technologies and some nerdy tech subjects.
I hope to be studying Computer Engineering in Milan in a year from now.


Hi, I’m Erin and I’m a 3D artist from the UK. I run a business teaching 3D software and maths alongside my job at Unity as an artist but my background is actually Interior Design. When I started freelancing as a 3D artist a few years ago I was looking for a good solution to project planning and tracking and notetaking and tried a bunch of things like Monday and ClickUp etc but ended up going back into Notion which I’d been using as a notebook through uni without learning about databases - just simple pages and searching etc. Started getting super into PKM once I got into the databases and API but recently just worrying more and more about the lack of E2E encryption and open-source approach of Notion. Also, lack of offline use has been driving me crazy when I want to jot down ideas while hiking! PKM has been huge for my mental health as well as it let’s me offload stresses and provides perspective and the ability to monitor your personal trends over time and account for it.
The associative approach (instead of hierarchical) is going to take me some getting used to and I’m looking forward to working out a good way to help with educational content around this for the community. I think that’s going to be a fairly large blocker for many people as we’re so used to silo-ing our digital lives, it’s a habit many of us don’t realise we’d do well to break.
Super excited to be here and see how the software develops over the next 5 years!


Hi Everyone,

Interesting Idea! I will go next.

I’m Daniel and I’m a physics researcher from Iran. I love technology and I’m a bit of a nerd! :grin: I’m too a perfectionist and I care deeply about the aesthetics of my digital world. I’m hoping to be able to continue my research/study and get my PhD abroad.

I mainly use anytype for my physics notes and also to track my apply process. I recently tried to add other stuffs such as book collection and movies into anytype and I want to see how it goes.


Hi! I am Edha and I am a student back in India. I am kinda a perfectionist and also love reading!
I discovered Anytype through YouTube and decided to give it a go as none of the other apps worked for me!
I am really excited to see how Anytype will grow and help other students and people.


Hey, I’m Skye. I am a 15 year old trans girl. I discovered Anytype through Reddit. It’s been part of my workflow for a couple months now. I use it for notetaking and journaling.


Yo! I’m Lamar, but I go by Tony. I’m a 25-year-old web, game and software developer, I occasionally do some 3d modelling. I struggle with ADHD and use anytype as a second brain to get my ideas down and have a central point of reference for a lot of things, from ongoing projects to discoveries, events, planning, research, and lessons for courses I pick up now and again.

Discovered anytype via AlternativeTo and was deadset on finding an alternative to Notion that I can self-host (recently went on a reliance removal spree. I host everything I use myself now minus large things like youtube and email).





I will use Anytype for loads of stuff. Most recently I built a way to keep track of cases for the computers I handle. I can connect a computer ID, cases, users, status and so on. Hopefully I will be able to introduce this to my collueges at other schools when we get out of alpha.

Next up: everything else. :slight_smile:


Hi - Old tech nerd who remembers Commodores and a shell called Windows 1.0. Carrying around 30-pound portable computers with a 6" screen and something called Basic and a game called Talengard. Once upon a time played around with Magcards, 8" floppies, and all that stuff. Gone through the Windows editions through 11, played with various forms of Linux, done the Chromebook shuffle and I now mainly use Apple’s offerings. Back in January 2022, I started a journey to find a note-taking app that works like me and after trying over 25 of them I came back to Notion and found that when I wasn’t online, it didn’t do what I needed.

I had heard whispers about something called AnyType, did the Onboarding and liked what I saw. Initially, I was scared off by some things that I couldn’t wrap my head around, but after my no internet experience with Notion figured that I would jump all in with AnyType, deal with the Alpha shuffle and see what comes out the other side. :slight_smile: So far as long as I take it slow and easy, and don’t attempt to import lots of old stuff while learning the ropes, AnyType seems headed in the same direction I am.


Aloha, I’m Leon from Germany, trained programmer but currently a cook. Interests in photography, cooking (ofc, lol), plants and tech stuff. I suffer from ADHD so I’m having a hard time to organize my day. Been trying to find a good solution for my for a while now. Notion was the first big improvement as it lets me connect many things, just how my brain works. But there are some smaller things that disturb my workflow, so I’m looking forward to try anytype =)


Hi. First post here.
ADHD is the main reason i need Anytype. I also try to host everything i possible can in my private server.
Still waiting on the invite though :slight_smile:

Answering the topic…
I’ve a background of everything related to IT. Started programming at 12. I’m now 46.
I’ve an MBA for IT sec, and plan to (finally) organize my digital life with Anytype.


Ey, it’s also my first post here.
I’m David from South Korea, attending US International School and looking to major in Computer Science.
I used Notion - Google Docs for taking notes about my client’s project requirements (I’m self-employed / contracted freelancer developer) and preparing/taking notes for my school lectures.
I recently switched to Anytype and Onlyoffice + Nextcloud due to some privacy concerns.
I’m a 17 year old kid with a bit of work experience :smiley:


Hello! I’m Ethan a college student majoring in computer science.
My main interests include photography, gaming, and of course computer programming. I’m definitely a huge nerd when it comes to organization and productivity tools in general. I use anytype for my day-to-day notes but will also begin using it for my school notes starting this coming semester.
Nice to meet you all!


Hi all!

My name is Andrew, I live in Canada. I used Notion & Obsidian for ages, and AnyType caught my eye as a great encrypted software to use. I’m trying to improve my privacy / security so I’m hoping to slowly transition to AnyType :slight_smile:


Hello! I’m kangjun and Student in South Korea.
But I mainly develop web with nextJS.
And next year, I’ll study CS in university.

I’ve used rainloop, notion for database and obsidian for note taking.
And recently moved into Anytype.
I love the concept of the anytype such as Relation, Types, Encrypted, Self hosting. It’s what I wanted.
I’m really happy to use this softeware.
I use Anytype with Daily note, bookmark, traveling, watched list, books, receipt, cooking recipes, troubleshoot note and other useful notes.


What do you use for photos and music? I’m trying to host everything to but photos are just bulk stored and I downloaded old iTunes 12.4 because it was the last useful one for just audio files. But all my music was stripped of metadata when I downloaded it from youtube music (ugh long story).


(post deleted by author)


Hi! My name is Tom and I am a quantity surveyor from UK.

I work full time and study at Uni in my free time. I am slightly obsessed with organising everything and I am still looking for a perfect tool - looks like anytype might be the one. I watch movies and play games (video and pen and paper RPGs as well), I collect retro consoles and games. I have a cat, his name is Mr Spock and I got him from a shelter recently. I do some chartity stuff if I have a moment, that currently means helping elderly in the area (shopping/lifts to hospitals/collecting stuff etc) and spending a day here and there in the local hospice for kids (it’s nice to be able to play some games with them and make a difference in their lives).
My perfect evening includes cooking (and eating!) while drinking some good wine and listening to nice jazz.

It’s my first time taking part in alpha testing an app and I enoy it so far, it’s a new experience. I am glad to be able to have some input into the creating an app that I might be using for a long time.
I use anytype to organise my collections (games, recipies, movies) and to make notes. It helps me to slow down - l am a busy person and I could use a moment to focus on something a bit longer than a moment, to actually spend time on a bit of reflection instead of jumping from one task to the other. It is working quite well so far.


Have you found something for music yet?