What's the best way to add quotes to my diary entries?

Right now I create a Note and simply use a Tag that I labeled “Quotes”. I feel like there’s probably a better way?

However if I imbed the quote into a diary entry, (by clicking the plus sign and then "link to existing object- it creates a border around the quote that is sometimes not large enough for the quote. Which means I have to click on it to see the whole thing. Not the end of the world, but a little annoying.

Also- not sure what the difference is between highlighting a quote and a callout.

Hi, I’ve never attemped to do this but a while ago somebody asked for something similar and I mentioned this

You could try that or see the other ideas there.

And about the difference between highlight and callout for me is that I use the first one for quotes and the second one like something that need attention. (My use case for anytype is mainly for studies)


Thank you.

I’m wondering if this is available or if it could be in a future: What if I have a template for my daily journal and I want to change the quote that comes up on my Entry every few days? I could do this manually, but if theres a way for the program to automatically choose a new quote from my list every few days- that would me so cool.

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It would be amazing if anytype could do some stuff automatically but right now there’s no way.
I think something have been said about the API but it’s something I don’t really understand and it’d be for the future.

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