What will happen when reaching the 1GB limit?

I am really excited to setup my “second brain” with the brand new beta version of AnyType. Thanks to all the devs and others who made this possible!
But I have a question concerning the sync limit of 1GB. That may sound a lot of space when only typing text. But I also want to include tons of PDF docs in my second brain, language learning videos and other media files. So I’m seriously concerned with the question what will happen when I reach that 1GB limit. Will not anything more be transferred to another device then?
I understand that storage in the cloud isn’t for free. So will there be paid models for users who need more sync storage? And by when? I’d simply like to have some clarity about these things.
Thanx in advance


“If you reach the limit, files will be stored only locally.”. Another way is you can use P2P sync.
Self-Host Your Backups - P2P
My opinion is the primary way to sync in Anytype is P2P sync, the cloud just “backup node”. My favourite feature is free P2P sync.

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Is p2p sync available in the current version , cause I only see the back-up node sync when pressing the sync icon

Self hosting backups sounds good. But how can I establish that? As karthikeya wrote, there is no alternative to the default backup node in the beta version. When you start AnyType you need to sign in or register, and then you are connected to the default backup node without any possibility to switch to something different.

Self hosting is on the roadmap for this year and not yet availible.


Thank you for that information!

There are going to be paid models probably for syncing through anytype’s cloud.

Hi Mark, thank you for your hint. So there will be three options:

  1. Use the default sync node and be content with the 1GB limit
  2. Use the default sync node and pay for storage beyond 1GB
  3. Use your own (self hosted) sync node
    Would make sense to me.

That’s essentially it. The team may tweak the thresholds as they get closer to full release, but the basic idea will remain.

There has been some discussion about whether alternative sync services will be available (I can’t find it at the moment) and it seems that may be possible at some time in the future

In my opinion syncing through Anytype’s sync nodes should be kept free, at the end of the day the don’t have to store the data on their servers if its p2p, its only for syncing. They could however offer users to pay an amount and store all the data entirely on Anytype’s cloud servers for faster syncing, and no space taken on the device itself.

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It’s planned. And you can already Offload files to their server:
Settings → File storage → Offload file

Though, I’m not sure how Anytype will synchronize our data between our devices over P2P. I believe there will be these options:

  • Paid plan for Anytype hosting and synchronization from Anytype’s servers.
  • Hosting from third-party providers.
  • Self-hosting and synchronization.

But I hope their P2P protocol won’t require any of these three options to synchronize data between devices, and that a simple connection to the internet with their protocol will suffice to sync data when both devices are simultaneously connected. This eliminates the need for external storage for maximum security, eco-friendly and cost efficiency.

@anton Would you like to share Staff insights on the subject?


I am hoping that privacy focused individuals who lack the expertise to selfhost will be provided with several avenues to sync beyond using anytype’s servers.


They will, or that’s the plan at least. Third-parties will be allowed to offer sync services.