What we're working on in Q3H2

Hello hello, friends of Anytype :sunny:

Time for another forecast to take us to the end of September! Firstly, wanted to address the items mentioned in our previous roadmap post and give a status update:

Major Feature Requests:

  1. Simple tables on Desktop: Released on all platforms! We’re still working on some improvements. Feel free to leave requests in comments.
  2. Kanban set view: First version to be released on Desktop 0.28.0! We’re testing internally now and looking forward to sharing this feature with you quite soon :sunglasses:
  3. Bookmark Sets: Released on all platforms! The team is currently refining the flow to make it more intuitive - please let us know if you have any related requests.


  1. Collections: Ongoing! Initial R&D has been done on this project and we’re looking forward to introducing the first iteration in a few release cycles.


  1. In-app Education: Released in 0.28.0! New users are greeted with new “Getting Started” and “Advanced” Objects, plus a Bookmark set of tutorial videos.
  2. Use Case Library: On hold! As we were evolving this project we realized that there are other, more urgent issues which create barriers to activation and adoption, namely: Decluttering your workspace.

This leads us to:

What we’re working on in Q3H2:

Besides addressing a few major feature requests, our focus right now is polishing up some of our key features and flows. Improving the product is a game of expanding versus refining, and we believe that taking some time to improve already-existing features, rather than adding more of them, is going to take us further along in our journey of building a lovable and reliable product.

That being said, here’s what’s keeping us busy for the next 6 weeks:

  1. Webclipper - We have team members dedicated exclusively to delivering this functionality, and we hope to be able to bring this to you in 2-3 release cycles.

  2. Collections - Collections are conceived with the idea of helping you more easily organize and access your Objects in a way that makes sense to you. This will be introduced as part of #3 below.

  3. Improved Navigation Experience - One of the repeated pain points we observe is that it’s difficult to keep track of Objects as they’re often unfindable. Orphaned Objects, Untitled/empty Objects, and important Objects all fall into the same ‘History,’ with little meaningful differentiation. We’ll be bringing both large & small changes to make for an improved Object navigation experience.

  4. Overall Editor Polishing - The Editor is the bread & butter of our product and the gateway to discovering more features. We want our Editor to be absolutely a pleasure to work with, and are rolling out a series of improvements in the UX to make it faster, more intuitive, and level with your expectations for what an Editor should be able to do.

  5. Decluttering - We’re so, so happy to give you more control over your workspaces by permitting uninstallation and partial editing of several pre-installed Types and Relations. There’s been a large refactoring of relations going on for the past several weeks to enable this functionality. That means that soon, those Types and Relations you never use will be out of sight.

  6. Quick Capture - We’re looking forward to creating a simplified Object creation interface that doesn’t require scanning through all of your Types from the + button view, while simultaneously allowing for easier Types creation.

Kindly note that there are dozens of simultaneous improvements on-going not included in the above list, and that similarly with last time, some of these projects may be held up or deprioritized in the meantime. We’ll do our best to update when that’s the case, and as always welcome your questions and feedback.



I’m still unsure about what Collections are (and how/if they differ from a Set).

Although this metaphor seems to be something that could make the process of organising Objects more intuitive for casual users (record collection, photo collection etc.), I struggle to see how this is better than simply giving users more control over the sidebar navigation tree, as described in the post below (please also check linked posts).

If you allow me to build/organise my own tree, I can create my own logic, which might involve structures of any kind, including “collections”.

Again, I’m unsure about this. The ATeam has been making some pretty amazing things. So I’m happy to be proven wrong. I just want a robust and flexible system to organize my data.

I believe they are an inline Set, but hand picked instead of filter based (but not sure…). This is different from a Relation because those don’t allow viewing the Objects like you can see them in Sets.

Ifmy understanding is correct, your request is more in the direction of organizing Objects similar to folder based: flexible but (and?) manual.

Again, just my understanding (so I could be completely wrong), but I think Collections are more aimed towards in Object displaying your (other) Objects instead of providing a way to organize your Objects.

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We’ll introduce the ability to customize your sidebar and even more. Collections is just different feature not directly related to the navigation.