What things are you doing in place of features that are not currently implemented?

Be it a workaround for features not in Anytype now or preparations for ones that might be coming. What sort of things have you done to keep making progress?

I myself have set up some templates for repeating tasks or exercises that I do daily or weekly before the calendar/timeline features get added.

Thought it might be a neat topic to discuss and maybe give some other people ideas as well.

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For recurring tasks, I just move the date manually instead of checking off the task. :sweat_smile:


Currently using Beta 0.34.3

  • Limited search - when doing a keyword search it does not show data that is within a text-only relation, it only shows data in the title of an object or in body text of an object.
  • Workaround - duplicate the data into the body of the object
  • Example - for a human, I use the person’s first name “James” in the title of the object. I have a text-only relation that is the person’s last name “Bond”. Then I have the person’s full name “James Bond” in the body text of the human object.

I prefer sorting by a person’s last name, and this is not possible in the title of an object unless you enter it as “Bond, James”.

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Generally, Anytype has all the features that I need to use it as I need to. I do manage my tasks elsewhere. I use a calendar app called Morgen to manage my tasks and schedule since it connects to my Google Calendar. So, I guess if I could say I have work arounds for features that aren’t yet implemented by substituting with other software.

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Seems almost fitting that you would have to search for it this way, I can’t quite put my finger on why though. :laughing:

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Not being able to create templates that can automatically reference new objects created from that template in filters is one of the biggest features that is missing for me.

This post explains the request

My current workaround is just manually updating my filtered views each time I create a new object from a template.


I need to document the purpose and correct usage of my types, but I can’t add blocks directly on them. So instead, I have created the Metatype type and relation. Each type object’s Metatype field is set to the corresponding Metatype object. If I could just add blocks to type objects I wouldn’t need to do this. (I also wish I could add blocks to Sets and Collections.)

Similarly, I need to document the purpose and correct usage of my tags. So instead of using real tags, I have to create a type and relation for each tag set and document my tags on each tag object. Alas, I lose tag colors by doing this.

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