What OS do you use?

Hi there everyone, this post may seem a little bit weird, anyways, what OS do you currently use for your non-macos PC if any?

  • Win 10
  • Win 11
  • Ubuntu
  • Other Linux
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During the last couple of weeks I have gone through a never-ending loop of changing between different OS.

This is mainly due being fed up by Microsoft’s unnecessary bloatware + absolute zero privacy.

I finally settled to use Ubuntu and so far I like it but I have the following questions:

  1. How good is the future for Ubuntu to replace Windows? (especially for someone like me trying to shift my career into web development)
  2. How good is Ubuntu in terms of backward compatibility? Take Anytype as an example, for the current version 0.36.0, for how many upcoming versions of Ubuntu is it expected to run smoothly without any issues or the need to re-build it?