What is the keyboard shortcut to lock/unlock an object?

I cannot find the shortcut anywhere in documentation and the full shortcut is hidden in this view

Is Ctrl+Shift+L. (Don’t remember where I saw it from previous versions)

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Hmm that’s not working for me

Perhaps it is a windows bug… Ctrl+Shift+L works on macOS…
And Ctrl+Shift is hinted by your screenshot🤔

See if anyone uses windows can help with this… Or make a bug report :muscle:

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See here for a list of available keyboard shortcuts:


Or use Ctrl+Space to get there with a keyboard shortcut :exploding_head:

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I tried this but cannot see the shortcut to lock the screen there. Do you see it?

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You’re right, I believe it was a bug! Now it’s working fine. Thank you for your help :slight_smile: