What happens when one of my devices does not have enough disk space to sync all my AT objects?

This situation still did not happen to me, but I was wondering how AT will behave.
I guess lots of people, myself included, will want to use AT intensively on the computer, which has lots of disk space. But when I need to access my objects from the smartphone, which has much less storage capacity, will AT try to sync everything? Will my smartphone run out of disk space?


my idea here is: in settings on phone i can set “download media” on and off, and “media size limit” to x mb, and a prognostisation of the data-amount (in mb) shown in settings there.

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I read somewhere that only text will be automatically downloaded. For media there’ll always be a prompt. But would be good to have this be clarified.

Regardless, we should definitely be able to cap how much storage is used in a device.